Tappening and Garbage!

An interview you really should read on Marketing Mojo with With Stephanie Fierman Mark DiMassimo<span of DiMassimo Goldstein and Eric Yaverbaum of Tappening (including it’s connection to Garbage!)

 Mark: And by the way, the stuff in the bottle isn’t as well regulated as the stuff that comes out of your tap.  Compare what the EPA requires of your tap water to what the FDA looks at in your bottled water.  See who makes you feel better about what you’re drinking.  But the bottom line is that, on the whole, the water from your tap is healthy for you, healthy for your family and a whole lot healthier for the planet.  Take the money you save and put it to good use, if you can.

Eric: That’s also what we’re also trying to do by using a portion of the proceeds from every Tappening bottle sale to promote the documentary you mentioned calledGarbage! The Revolution Starts at Home. Now they are starting to get traffic from our site… and that’s the way you start to bind thousands of people together behind a cause. 

Read the whole thing at http://stephaniefierman.com/stephanie-fierman-is-tappening-are-you.php


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